securityin a changing world.


Cyber Risk Resilience®

In today's cyber environment, conventional mechanisms protect insufficiently. Antivirus systems or firewalls only address a small part of today's common threats. Enterprises and organizations are facing the challenge that attacks to their data and systems will not only take place, but are also most likely to be successful.

Therefore, the IT systems' resilience and survivability during the attack continuum - before, during and after an attack - have become the most important function of information security. Cyber Risk Resilience® describes the overall concep for obtaining this resilience. Besides technical measures, also prodecural and organziational elements are part of this concept.

ISPIN's Cyber Risk Resilience® contains the following elements:


VIRTO® - Strong Authentication

Virto® turns smartphones into a trustworthy authentication and authorisation factor for web application logins, transaction confirmations and other procedures that require the user's validation. Virto® is secure, innovative and can be operated intuitively by the end user.


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