Information Security from one Source

ISPIN is a leading supplier of cyber security- and network solutions as well as consulting services regarding information security. Since its inception in 1999, ISPIN has successfully established itself on the market.

Being a specialist in cyber and information security, ISPIN has excellent know-how and offers a broad range of solutions and professional expertise. As a Swiss service provider, ISPIN has a single goal: The customer shall increase its resilience against cyber attacks through the use of adequate and fully thought through security solutions.

ISPIN finds a solution that meets the individual needs of every customer, consisting of an ideal combination of

  • technical,
  • personnel and
  • organizational measures.
  • Security Officer Service
  • Assessment & Audits
  • Business Continuity
  • Risk Management
  • Frameworks (ISMS)
  • Awareness

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  • Cyberthreat Prevention
  • One Infrastructure
  • Identity Protection
  • Web Security
  • Security-, Architecture- and Technology Assessments
  • Managed Security Services and Support

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  • I-AM Pocket® – 2-factor-authentication platform
  • VIRTO® – App-based, out-of-band, secure authentication scheme
  • Sight First One® – Big Data-based, multivendor-, multisensor recording, correlation and visualization of cyber threats

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