First Class Security Products made in Switzerland

ISPIN's outstanding know-how in the field of cyber security is incorporated into the development of security products made in Switzerland. These products are designed and produced by ISPIN's own software development and security engineering team. ISPIN's security products address topics like

  • protection agains personal and corporate data misuse
  • overall detection and protection against cyber attacks

I-AM Pocket® is ISPIN's Secure Digital Business platform on which different procedures of 2-factor-authentication (strong authentication) for users and transaction validation of sensitive processes are offered.

  • Simple procedures of 2-factor authentication for employees, customers and partners
  • Optimum balance constisting of guaranteed security, high user acceptance and low operating costs
  • Extensive possibilities for flexible integration in existing infrastructures

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Virto®is an innovative and intuitive out-of-band procedure for authentications on web applications, confirmations of e-banking transactions and other processes that have to be confirmend by the enduser and that require high security standards.

  • All necessary installations for Virto® are carried out on-site in the data center, no externally operated cloud services are used for the transfer of sensitive information
  • Personalized apps for the company (iOS and Android) are available in the corresponding app stores
  • Software Development Kits (SDK) for the integrationen in existing iOS and Android apps offer greatest possible flexibility

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