ISPIN's Secure Digital Business Platform

I-AM Pocket® is ISPIN's Secure Digital Business platform on which different procedures of 2-factor-authentication (strong authentication) for users and transaction validation of sensitive processes are offered. The procedures listed in the following can already be used on the basis of I-AM Pocket®:

  • Virto®: Smartphone app-based procedure for 2-factor-authentication of users and transaction validation of sensitive processes
  • OTP: generates alphanumeric single passwords that are transmitted to the user via SMS (mTAN) or e-mail
  • TOTP: generates time-based single passwords based on a standardized procedure (RFC 6238)

Each mentioned procedures can be used as a primary or secondary procedure for 2-factor-authentication and transaction validation.

In order to ensure the high availability and the load distribution, the I-AM Pocket® Secure Digital Platform can be operated as active/passive or active/active cluster. A standardized WebService interface is available for integrating applications. Devices such as VPN gateways can be connected securely and with minimum effort via the RADIUS interface. The I-AM Pocket® Secure Digitial Business Platform uses LDAP or individual WebService interfaces in order to access existing user directories.

Application Scenario

  • authorize VPN access of employees with 2-factor-authentication by means of OTP as primary and by means of TOTP as secondary procedure
  • 2-factor-authentication of users for web applications with Virto®
  • process or transaction confirmation of users of an application, realized by means of Virto® as primary, OTP as secondary and by means of TOTP as tertiary procedure

Your Advantage

  • optimum balance consisting of guaranteed security and high user acceptance with low operating costs
  • simple procedures for 2-factor-authentication for employees, customers and partners
  • extensive possibilities for flexible integration in existing infrastructures
  • high availability for fail safe and load distribution for a high volume of enquiry