Sedge - Secure Mobile Communication

Sedge® (Secure Digital Exchange) provides a military-grade secure “out-of-band” messaging with mobile devices. Prevent phishing by establishing a trusted communication channel to your customer or exchange confidential documents – Sedge® is the answer to the secure digitalization of your services.


  • Scan a QR-code from a letter or directly from the Browser in the Sedge App or…
  • Use an individual strong authentication approach to register directly from within the app. No Web-Portal required!

Supports iOS and Android

  • Individual integration with our mobile Sedge SDK.

Secure, Scalable and High Availability

  • Communication is always confidential, replay-protected, authenticated and tamper-proof.
  • Flexible scaling (horizontally and vertically).
  • A High-Redundant cluster guarantees zero-to-no downtime.

Keep it in-house

  • All components will be integrated into your infrastructure.

Example Use-Cases

  • Trusted communication channel
  • Secure document exchange
  • Transfer invoices / bank statements