Security as an integral Function

Our Service

With our approach - ONE Infrastructure - the security functions and modules are placed as integral elements. 

Modern IT infrastructures are based on convergent technologies that are controlled and administered by central management systems. Such software defined neworks and software definded datacenters require new security concepts in order to achieve effective protection.

Security is no longer a seperate discipline that can be added to the infrastructure as "add-on". Nowadays, security is provided as integral function in all relevant elements. The ONE Infrastructure approach can contain the following elements:

  • pre-engineered system
  • datacenter
  • network
  • security
  • network assessments
  • technology assessments

IT infrastructures based on the ONE Infrastructure concept allow for additional efficiency and cost saving. Depending on the client and the requirements, the use of DevOps-oriented application management (container, micro services, continuous integration) is possible.

Your Advantage

By using (highly) convergent technology, cost efficiency while increased scalability is achieved. This is combined with flexible, effective security. 

IT infrastructures based on the ONE infrastructure concept are agile, resistant high-performance systems with integrated security.