Protection of digital Identities

Our Service

Identities are the key of digital business

Identities lead the user/customer straight to his/her data. They are the interface between the company and its customers. With Virto® and I-AM Pocket®, ISPIN offers exclusive products for the strong protection of identities for the online and mobile business. The solutions allow the implementation of a strong trust between people and their identitites. The usage of two or more factors results in a very strong authentication.

In order to control and supervise people with high privileged accounts, we also have a solution: Access and activities are recorded and filed encrypted. Access can be controlled by a "four-eyes-principle", critical acitivity can be blocked.


Your Advantage

  • strong protection of the identities of employees, customers and partners
  • traceability and control of activities via high privileged user (e.g. administrators)
  • ISPIN's solutions are built for the on-premise usage. All data and systems are in your care