Authentication, Authorization, Secure Communication

Virto® (Virtual Token) is an innovative and intuitively operated Out-of-Band procedure for 2-factor-authentication and transaction validation of sensitve procedures via smartphone app. Virto® offers confidentiality, integrity and authentication of involved communication partners on a message-level by using cryptographic industry standards. Virto® prevents communication between the smarphone app of the end user and the I-AM Pocket® plattform to be looked into or altered by third parties.

While developping Virto®, the focus was put on security in connection with user friendliness. With a Virto® smartphone app, the end user is able to confirm or deny transaction procedures with a simple touch event on the smarphone. Virto® converts the smartphone of end users into a trustworthy authentication and authorisation factor for web application logins, confirmations of transactions and other validation procedures defined by the user.

In addition to the function module for the I-AM Pocket® plattform, Virto® also consits of a smartphone app, personalized to the company, which is made available for the end user in common app stores. As an alternative for an integration in an already existing smarphone app, an integration variant an SDK  (Software Development Kit) is available.


Your Advantage

  • With Virto®, authentications on web applications, validations of e-banking transactions and other processes that have to be confirmed by the end user can be protected; always applying high security standards
  • Virto® reaches a high acceptance with the end users because they can use a smartphone app and the operation is very comfortable
  • all necessary installations for Virto® are carried out on-site in the data center, no externally operated cloud services are used for the transfer of sensitive information
  • personalized apps for the company (iOS and Android) are available in the corresponding app stores
  • Software Development Kits (SDK) for the integrationen in existing iOS and Android apps offer greatest possible flexibility