Trustbridge® - Your Secure Digital Business Platfor

Trustbridge® is a modular secure digital business platform providing military-grade cryptographic solutions for the secure digitalization of your business.

While still providing standardized OTP (mTAN) and TOTP modules, with Virto® and Sedge® we have built secure “out-of-band” solutions for mobile authorization, authentication and communication:                            

      Virto® (Virtual Token) is a simple “out-of-band” mobile authorization and authentication solution. Request permission from your customer with simple approve/deny questions. The many deployment scenarios range from strong authentication to transaction signing. Establish active and transparent fraud prevention – at the push of a button.


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Sedge® (Secure Digital Exchange) provides military-grade secure “out-of-band” messaging with mobile devices. Prevent phishing by establishing a trusted communication channel to your customer or exchange confidential documents – Sedge® is the answer to the secure digitalization of your services.



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