Extensive Analysis, concrete Measures

Our Service

During the modular set up of the Information Security First Cut, the entire spectrum of information security in your company or specific aspects of it will be looked at.

Afterwards, a solid basis for decision-making for the coming 2 to 5 years will be developed in the form of a masterplan. The entire spectrum of information security will be included:

  • organizational,
  • personnel,
  • physical,
  • technical,
  • legal and
  • regulatory issues,
  • sensitiaztion of the employees

After the evaluation of the client's requirements, concepts and documentations will be looked at and interviews with the responsible people will be carried out within the scope of a situation analysis. In a gap analysis and inspiried by the regulatory principles, the missing elements for reaching the target level will be identified and the risks related will be shown. Based on these findings a concrete action plan for reaching the target level will be elaborated. Included are:

  • recommendations for technical and organizational measures
  • recommendations for sensitiaztion and training
  • time and resource management

The assessment includes:

  • definition of the scope of the assessments or audits
  • definition of the regulatory principles and the test points
  • recording of the current situation according to the given test points
  • GAP analysis for the defined security target level
  • devolopment of the masterplan including concrete measures and a time and resource management
  • presentation of the results

Your Advantage

You know about your risks and the security situation in your company. And you have a concrete action plan.

The Security Assessment is an excellent basis for your future security strategy and for the definition of security services. With the action plan including measure priorisation, roadmap and information regarding budget requirements, you will gain planning security. Our experts have many years of experience in all areas of information security.